The 1 cent coin that makes you win thousands and thousands of Euros: Surprise!

1 cent coin

Among the euro coins, there is a one-cent specimen that can be worth several thousand euros. That’s what it is.

Collecting rare coins is a very old hobby that fascinates thousands of people around the world. After all, coins are things full of magic, art and culture. Moreover, the collection of coins can have incredible economic value. As often happens, it is not only the old coins that have a great value, but also the newer euro coins that can be worth thousands and thousands of euros. Just like the penny sample we’re going to talk about today.

As always, before the detailed analysis of the coin that we will focus our attention on in this article, let us remember that the sample value varies greatly based on a couple of different factors. First, the state of preservation. The coin is in excellent condition, i.e. in Brilliant Uncirculated condition a value definitely higher than a piece that has obvious scratches or signs of wear.

Another essential factor, in regards to coin valuation, is rarity. A hard-to-find coin, they are a true object of desire for collectors and coin enthusiasts, who are willing to shell out sometimes exorbitant sums just to get one. The coin’s rarity can depend on the low circulation of the pieces made or on minting errors. And thanks to a mint error, the 1 cent coin we’re going to talk about today can be paid for thousands and thousands of euros.

1 cent coin that makes you earn thousands and thousands of Euros

The one-cent sample of stratospheric value comes from Germany. Therefore, Castel del Monte is depicted not on the obverse, but on an oak branch with two acorns, a symbol of German power.

But the peculiarity of this coin lies not so much in the representations as in the materials used in its construction. In fact, in this case, the sample was not made of copper as is usually used for the euro cent but Scandinavian gold was used, i.e. the same material used to make the 10 cents.


Precisely in this regard, this one-cent coin has the yellowish color typical of €0.10 coins, a “flaw” that makes the piece more unique than rare. According to various sources, it amounts to 14 thousand euros.

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