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That’s why they do it (and why it’s convenient)

owning a home London It is more and more a dream. The house prices Based on Rentals They are skyrocketing more and more and this is why more and more Londoners are choosing to abandon their homes to give themselves a completely different lifestyle. It is with those who chose live on a boat. There is no luxury yacht or sailing ship for who knows the number of masts, but the small boats are very similar to those in the canals Amsterdam.

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It is an example of Pound Bath in East London, where more and more people are calling the Regent’s Canal their home. Living on a boat has a number of advantages: you don’t pay for it municipal taxesYou save money, move every two weeks, and learn to adapt to any difficulty. And according to those who live there, it’s also a lifestyle worth keeping forever.

Of all the residents of Regent Canal, Ross McDonagh, 40, decided to tell his story. Ross took his boat in October 2021 after returning to the UK from a trip around Europe. “My partner, Cal, and I have been traveling around Europe for two and a half years and decided we wanted to go back to the UK. We are not originally from London so buying a boat in London was a curious decision, but we are really happy with it. Traveling in a truck becomes Small with two dogs is really hard. Living in a boat feels like a villa in comparison. When we got back, we were working on our business and Cal thought “Should we bring a boat?” At first I was annoyed, but the more we looked inside, the more relaxed we felt.

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Nine months later, the boat’s exterior hasn’t been painted, but Ross couldn’t be happier. “We don’t like houses and the idea of ​​mortgages, being debtors or renters and paying someone else’s mortgage, I never thought about that. There are no real overheads and we can live in London without paying the astronomical taxes everyone pays,” he explained.

“Of course, there are more challenges living on a boat than at home, but we love it. You are more conscious of waste and should be aware of how much water we use. When it’s cold, we keep the fire burning and try to cover ourselves as much as possible. These are all things we wouldn’t think of in an ordinary home, but I love that aspect of living on a boat.”

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