That vocal shock on Emanuela Orlandi: Because it can change everything

Since docu-series Vatican girl On Netflix, renewed interest around the disappearance Emanuela Orlandi. An interest that never faded, because – almost 40 years later [Emanuela scompare da casa il 22 giugno del 1983, ndr] – that the young Vatican citizen entered Olympus The mysteries of Italy.

Secret services Half the world, Ambrosiano’s bank crisis, revenge linked to unspeakable causes. Everything and more has been said about the reasons for this disappearance, but the truth is that in so many years, all the dead-end threads have been resolved. However, by the time the story ended on the screens of millions of people, at a time when rumors were circulating about the possibility of creating investigation committee Parliamentarian, something seems to be moving again. Here the sound appears. A recording of about two minutes long, dating back to 2009.

The existence of this interview was already known, but few people listened to it. Calling it an interview is inappropriate, it is a covert recording made during a conversation in a public place. The author of this recording is Alessandro Ambrosini, founder of the investigation blog criminal night. Instead, the speaker remained UnknownBut we do know he’s an old partner of Enrico Debedesone of the historical leaders in Magliana squad. Man pointing remarks Sabrina Minardiformer partner of Renatino, who had begun speaking to the Roman magistrates the previous year about the Orlandi case, feels compelled to provide some clarification.

The stolen audio will be published in the next few days by an author Register on his blogbut I must hear it first. Without making too many expectations [torneremo a scriverne più approfonditamente dopo la pubblicazione, ndr] We can say that although the phrases recorded in this audio should be taken into account, their content is shocking.

De Pedis’s ex-partner, unaware of the recording, lets himself go unrestrained and, in connection with the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, points his finger at a certain person, giving his name and surname. We repeat, regarding the credibility of the source, we do not have the possibility of putting our hand in the fire, but the author of the recording, Alessandro Ambrosini, has said that he is ready to reveal his identity if the judicial authority asks him to do so. .

As for why he decided to make this recording public after only 14 years, Ambrosini promised to explain in a video that would be shot at the same time as the audio. At this point we just have to wait, curious to see what reactions you’ll have heavy shipments Which obviously all need to be proven, but if they are proven to exist, it would generate an earthquake of catastrophic proportions within the Vatican.

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