That strange steering wheel in the new Tesla Model S

Noise changes Official photos of the new cockpit Tesla Model S Restyling (Who is the Read more) is already raising questions and speculation. The images show several changes: the main screen changes its appearance, a screen appears for the rear seats, and Steering wheel Becomes similar to Bell For an aircraft, a large glass roof reaches and the gear selector disappears. Obviously the big talk these days has to do with the steering wheel design and the absence of gear selector: front, rear, neutral, and parking.

Doubts about safety – More than one file found that Steering wheel This could be different contraindications. The first is the impossibility of rotating it at a wide angle in the event of an emergency maneuver but also the almost impossibility of changing the position of the hands which raises doubts. Even there is no file Kit selector Confuse. The official reason for this absence is that the autopilot sensors “understand”, based on the movements of the steering wheel, whether the driver wants to go forward or backward. If the car is actually parked with its nose against the wall then the only possible maneuver is reverse but what would happen if you were to turn back? However, the driver appears to be left with the option to “force” the direction of travel using the central touch screen.

Is there or not? Rumors that the federal road safety authority, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) would like to see clearly about this safety heightens doubts. Steering wheel. In fact, the organization appears to have doubts that the designYoke style“Meets federal vehicle safety regulations. The fog is not apparent when you see pictures of some prototypes, which highlight the circular steering wheel but the same power touch buttons on that steering wheel. We note that buttons of this type are also inserted into the center display, resulting in Change the simple philosophy of Model 3. Slightly… Curiosity to finish: We tried to configure the Model S in both the US and the Italian site, noting that both do not exist And options Regarding the steering wheel. On the USA summary page of the selected configuration, the steering wheel with locking is not mentioned, but is explicitly mentioned in Italian. Perhaps in the future it will be possible to choose which steering wheel to install?

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