That is why it is important to respect the meal schedule in the diet

Let’s find out the reasons why it is important to respect meal times especially in the diet but not only: in addition to what time to eat as well.

Sometimes, sticking to the amounts in the diet is not enough. Besides a healthy and balanced meal is also important Respect meal times. Busy life often does not help from this point of view.

Respect meal times
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In addition to the regularity of the tables as well Eating at some times compared to other times of the day is important for the purpose of diet. The Metabolism Actually tend to be More active in some time periods.

So let’s find out why dieting is important, but not only, it is important Respect meal times: Here are the reasons.

For this reason, it is recommended to respect meal times

As proof that respecting meal times is recommended for dieters, but not only that, there is also one Research in the International Journal of Obesity Accordingly, a lack of respect for meal times can be associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

Respect meal times
Source: Canva

But not only that, another study on shift work by the National Center for Biotechnology Information confirms this hypothesis. What appeared from the data Those who do not plan meals regularly are more likely to become obese Compared to those who always eat at the same times.

In short, even science supports this concept, that is, respect for the regularity of meals. Modern life often does not help from this point of view. The In fact, the frenetic pace at which we are all exposed leads us to not always respect the same hours to eat.

It often does when it happens. Many do not have time to cook and find themselves in it Eat fast, often high-calorie meals at fast food or bars. However, if the desire to lose weight is in a healthy and balanced way, you should start eating meals at regular times as well as regulating the quantity and quality of food.

Eating one food at a time rather than the other can make a difference in both digestion and the ability to metabolize nutrients. Our body has a kind of internal biological clock that leads to memorizing the times when we serve food.

In the hours before a meal, the body begins a phase called “Proactive Food Activity” It prepares itself in this way when the food arrives. What if we put off a meal for hours or skip it?

The organism is accused of change and in the long run this causes not only health problems, but also psychological problems.

In order to respect a balanced diet it is necessary to consume 5 meals a day To be distributed throughout the day. This way we do not overload the stomach and intestines and make the digestion process easier.

Not only that, but the nutrients are also better absorbed in this way. We can then thanks to 5 meals a day Speed ​​up your metabolism and burn a lot of calories.

But what are the best times to eat meals? There are many studies on this topic. to me It is said that the best time for breakfast is between 7 and 8 Because the body tends to burn calories faster. In this case we should enter 20% of our daily calories. That’s why this meal should never be skipped.

Then the morning snack should be between 10:30 and 11 so as not to interfere with lunch.

to lunch Instead, the calorie requirement is about 30% of the total and should be consumed approximately 13. Have an afternoon snack around 17, while Dinner is around 8 pm.

Before bed, it is good not to eat meals but If you’re really hungry, here are some ideas. Even if the best thing is to have an herbal tea before going to bed.

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