“Thanks to UEFA, the new financial sustainability rules are a positive development”

In a long letter written after the twenty-eighth session of the General Assembly of the Economic Commission for Africa, Nasser Al-KhelaifiThe president of the federation wrote a letter confirming relations with UEFA, affirming his support for Nyon’s decision to create a new version of Financial Fair Play. “Our first priority is to ensure financial stability within European football. The planned recovery fund is central to our clubs – reads the letter signed by the president of Paris Saint-Germain -. The coronavirus has affected all of us. Clubs of all sizes. I spoke to Ceferin’s head of the fund and he promised we would find a solution. together.

The new financial sustainability rules are a positive development. Cost control rules. They encourage investment and new investors. They will help ensure the sustainability of football. But we must be careful. Dangerous levels of debt and magic stock deals are not a sustainable path. We need to think long term, not short term.

Thanks to Michael Verschueren, the team and UEFA for all their work in this field. ECA will continue to make financial stability a key priority.

Our second priority is to build stronger relationships with the Egyptian Chefs Association. As you can see, there are many interested parties from all over football and other sports with us in person and online today. We work hard to build new relationships. We should be proud that the voice of our clubs is at the heart of European football’s decision-making.

Our joint project with UEFA is the most significant development in European football in recent times. It is based on a relationship of trust and an example of progressive reform. As I said a year ago, the clubs that built a stronger relationship with UEFA were the key. Our joint venture has been a huge success and today I am pleased to announce that UEFA and the UEFA Association have signed a Letter of Intent to enter into a new Memorandum of Understanding until 2030. This Letter of Intent will make our partnership even stronger: we have rebuilt a partnership and shaped it out of equals. Clubs are more involved. Clubs have a bigger voice. Our business value has grown. Thanks to Chief Cryfin.

The Egyptian Chefs Association has also worked closely with UEFA on the new format and access to men’s competitions beyond 2024. There will be more exciting games. The races will be more extensive. Our revenue will grow. We have already seen this in France and the United Kingdom. And in the US, our growth rate exceeded 150%, with the sale of Spanish rights continuing. We plan to work with Paramount+ and all of our media partners and other rights holders on how to reach new audiences, innovate and stay relevant.

It is also great that more clubs will experience the magic of European competition. We saw the passion of Frankfurt and Roma fans when they won the Europa League and Europa League in May. It was amazing.

Winning distribution is the next major theme of European football. The Egyptian Chefs Association has always promised to put collective interests above individual interests to protect our clubs and the Egyptian Chefs Association. The distribution must be equitable. We want all men’s and women’s competitions to grow. And everyone in European football must do more to benefit the whole game.

ECA will continue to build positive relationships with all stakeholders. FIFA, UEFA, CAF, federations, leagues, national federations and fans. We will also continue to engage non-ECA clubs and other important stakeholders, in particular the European Commission.

Our relationship with organizations such as the IOC, Formula 1, and Harvard Business School shows that the ECA is open-minded and inviting for ideas. We are also exploring new business models in the digital, technology, entertainment and metaverse fields. We should always be creative and think outside the box; Stand still means back.

Our third priority is to create better benefits for ECA members. I hope you can see that the Egyptian Chefs Association is working hard for you, our members. Our clubs have access to legal, financial and business services. We are also launching a medical committee that will benefit everyone. These are great resources.

Thank you to Aki Riihilahti for his leadership of the club management program of 108 different clubs, and we are inspiring the next generation with our Young Talent Program. Thank you to Edwin van der Sar for leading our youth projects.

The new Sustainability and Environment group led by Niklas Karlin is working to improve the impact of football on our environment. This committee is very important. The environment is fundamental to our future.

We promised the new ECA will focus more on our members as we implement.

Our fourth priority is diversity and inclusion. At our General Assembly in Geneva, we pledged to expand our membership. I’m glad we made progress. Thank you Lina Soloko for all your work.

The ECA Network is an important example of this. About 160 European clubs were invited to benefit from the services of the Egyptian Chefs Association. Thus, we are more comprehensive. We show that the ECA takes care of all the clubs. As I said before, the ECA door is always open for you.

The women’s game continues to evolve. As promised, the new Egyptian Chefs Association membership for women’s clubs will begin next year. This summer’s European Championship was also a huge success. Congratulations to UEFA and the winners, England. And thanks to all our players, you are an inspiration.

However, we must be realistic. Women’s football needs significant investments to continue to grow. Thanks to Claire Bloomfield, Bianca Rech and Jean-Michel Aulas for their leadership of the Egyptian Chefs Association in this field and for their hard work.

Our fifth priority is to renew the spirit and values ​​of the Egyptian Chefs Association. Over the past year, we have demonstrated the strength of the ECA when we work together. We shouldn’t focus on the past, but people shouldn’t forget where we came from a year ago. Some people tried to separate us. However, with the new ECA we are getting more creative; More collective, more connected.

We talk together. We share ideas. We are listening. We do and deliver more. And the ECA is stronger than ever.

This is the spirit that will shape the future of European football. We must continue. Contribute your ideas, share, be creative, share.

we are Family. This is your ECA. This is your home.”

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