Texas Massacre Killer’s Father Apologizes: He Had To Kill Me

Mr. Ramos in an interview with The Daily Beast: “Don’t call him a monster, you don’t know anything about him.”

Salvador Ramos is the name of the boy and his father. The man on the day of the Ovaldi massacre was working. It was his mother who warned him. So he panicked and started calling the police station in the hope that he would be arrested. Instead, Salvador was eventually killed by police officers called to intervene at Ovaldi Primary School.

“I have no idea why my son was so violent and why he targeted the school,” said Mr. Ramos, who admitted he hasn’t attended much in the past. It seems that the boy did not have a good relationship with his mother and had dropped out of high school before graduating this year. His father admitted that he hasn’t spent much time with him lately either because he worked outside of Ovaldi or because of the pandemic. And perhaps it was during the pandemic that it became more frustrating for Salvador, so much so that a month ago when his father tried to contact him, he was refused. “Maybe he would also have killed me,” he added.

Mr. Ramos also spoke of the quarrels his son had with his maternal grandmother, who was the first to be shot. Ramos offered to let Salvador live with him, but being offline made him give up. And right on the phone bill were the last quarrels between the grandson and grandmother. Finally, Mr. Ramos spent a word in defense of his friend anyway: “I don’t want them to call him a monster, they know nothing, they don’t know what he’s going through.”

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