Tesla under investigation for driving video games

Tesla He has been placed under investigation by the United States regulatory regime for a potential danger he poses Passenger play Feature found on cars, allowing drivers to play.

Recently sonic the hedgehog From Sega Added to Vehicles Tesla Along with other games with the aim of providing entertainment to the passengers. However, the functionality will also be accessible to drivers.

the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration The US has released a preliminary assessment of the function, which “allows play on the central touchscreen to be played while the vehicle is in motion and can cause driver distraction”. This feature is present in vehicles Tesla As of December 2020, but previously it was only active when the car was parked and parked.

A complaint was also submitted by the owner Tesla Vince Button, according to the Los Angeles Times He was shocked to find that he could access toys while driving. He was able to play Sky Force Reloaded while driving in an empty parking lot.

Surely all this does not help in a picture Tesla Based on Elon Musk, maybe not Sega And for other developers and publishers who have made their titles available to the US Home. For more news stay on Vegamos Magazine!

source: Eurogamer


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