Tesla Model 3, new restyling rumors

It’s not a mystery Tesla is restyling its Model 3 Which is supposed to go into production during the third quarter of the year. Therefore, the presentation should not miss too much. The redesign of the American electric sedan has already been the hero of some spy photos and we also know it’s known internally as the “Highland ProjectNow, a report from Not A Tesla App teases some of the new features the automaker is expected to introduce to its sedan, citing a trusted insider.

Of course, like all relationships, this one is too It must be taken with extreme cautionalthough some of the information is not entirely new.

In any case, we are talking about restyling, not a new model. Precisely for this reason, it is not surprising that major aesthetic innovations are concerned Front and back from the car. Spy photos that have surfaced over the past few weeks have already allowed us to see some redesigned Model 3 forklifts with camouflage focused on the front and rear of the vehicle.

As mentioned, The headlights will come from the new design And equipped with LED matrix technology. The front bumper shapes will also be revised and one will be integrated in the middle new camera, in a situation similar to that of the Cybertruck. Moving to the rear, with restyling Tesla will introduce a bumper revised in shapes. It appears that new rearview mirrors will also arrive, which will feature a sharper design.

So far, nothing particularly new since it was already known that some design tweaks were to come. The report goes on to state that the Tesla Model 3 facelift will feature More cameras Since it will contain the new 4.0 hardware that we have already talked about in the past. There will be three new cameras in total, one in the center of the front bumper as mentioned earlier, and two more on either side of the car (facing the front of the car). In particular, with the redesign, Tesla may have decided to introduce the new cameras that we find in the Model S and Model X equipped with Hardware 4.0. So, let’s talk about the 5-megapixel cameras and anti-reflective coating.

It seems that Tesla intends Remove the outside temperature sensor. The infotainment system will use GPS and information taken from the Internet to indicate the temperature in the area where the vehicle is located. If this were indeed the case, it would be an odd choice that many people who want a car to indicate an accurate, real-time temperature for the area they are in may not like it.

The outside temperature sensor is far away, with restyling it should come Also a new GPS system, more accurate. As for the interiors, the report stated that the wood finishes should be replaced with a fabric that appears to be Alcantara. However, we should not expect major changes in the interior. We remind you that many of the innovations that will be presented may also have been developed for it Streamlining production processes Thus reducing costs.

On the powertrain front, the report says nothing, but the batteries and motors are unlikely to be modified. Since the debut should not be long, all that remains is to wait for news directly from the American car manufacturer.

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