Tesla is seeing strong demand but needs to ramp up production quickly, says Elon Musk in a leaked email

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote to the employees in an email he got Electric The night they see strong demand, but the automaker needs to quickly ramp up production in order to benefit from it.

As mentioned previously, Tesla is currently in the middle of the year-end delivery batch as it aims to deliver a record number of vehicles this quarter to achieve 500,000 deliveries in 2020.

The automaker needs to deliver more than 181,000 cars this quarter in order to achieve this goal. That’s over 40,000 vehicles during its most recent quarterly delivery record.

In a new employee email he received ElectricMusk said Tesla has a “high-grade problem” of having greater capacity demand right now:

“We are fortunate to have a high-profile problem that demand is slightly higher than production this quarter.”

The CEO said Tesla needs to rapidly increase production during the quarter in order to “win the confidence” of customers and investors:

“To ensure that we get the best possible result and gain the confidence of customers and investors who have placed their hard-earned trust and money with us, we need to increase production for the remainder of this quarter as much as possible.”

It is the second time this month that Musk has spoken to employees of investor support following the spike in Tesla’s stock price.

Last week, the CEO wrote in another email to employees that he He wants Tesla to focus on profits or warns the stock will go down like “a souffle under a sledgehammer.”“.

Finally, in the new email today, Musk emphasized that the only reason he asked them to increase production was that he was “really important” and suggested that anyone seeing ways to improve production contact him directly about this.

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Here is the full email:

We’re fortunate to have a high-class issue that has a slightly higher demand than production this quarter.

To ensure that we get the best possible result and gain the trust of customers and investors who have trusted us and their hard-earned money, we need to increase production for the remainder of this quarter as much as possible.

I will only send this note if it really matters.

Super appreciation,
Which color

BTW, please send me a note directly if you see ways to improve the output, but feel your voice is not being heard.

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