Tesla has patented a laser technology that replaces wipers

Probably, one of the elements that until today, for decades, unites all types of cars, is destined to disappear, or at least for some brands. We’re talking about wipers and in particular Elon Musk’s car maker, Tesla, who wants to replace them with the latest generation technology.

Palo Alto has already provided Patent that replaces windshield wipers with lasers Suitable for cleaning windshields with the latest system. Tesla has been working on this new project that it has never seen before, for a few years already. The device that is part of a patent for pulsed laser cleaning of debris accumulated on glass products in vehicles and photovoltaic installations. The car manufacturer is famous all over the world for its electric cars and The eclectic personality of CEO Elon Musk, I thought about creating lasers that would act as windshield wipers, able to automatically clean car windows.

According to the project laser flow It must be transmitted by dedicated sensors located on the hood, sides and rear of the vehicle. It is clear that the patent, even if it has been filed, is currently a “written paper”, the facts are missing. And let’s see where the company will go.

The first hypothesis is that Tesla’s new car window washing system could debut in electronic truck, the car presented in November 2019 in the form of a prototypeWhich actually didn’t have a windshield wiper. However, at the moment, we can’t talk about certainty, but only make hypotheses, and we don’t know if the new laser technology will be applied to the brand’s production vehicles.

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Tesla is actually evolving too The new electromagnetic spaces, which would obviously be easier to produce, so maybe Elon Musk will stop there. Obviously what we know today over two years is that the patent exists and has been filed, then we have to see what happens. Meanwhile, Palo Alto could be home the first to leave of The classic wipers we’re all used to seeing (and using) on ​​cars, and replaced by lasers, for advanced cleaning.

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