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The billionaire sent an email to his managers ordering a return to full-time work: ‘Anyone who does not agree can leave Tesla’

Work hard and hard: for Elon Musk They are definitely dictates and constants in his life, as he emphasized many times. The CEO of TeslaIn a tweet, he took a strong stand against his employees working from home. Bloomberg reported that Musk was going to email his managers about the matter Remote work is no longer acceptable.Where, he stressed, employees should spend at least 40 hours a week in the office or, alternatively, “leave Tesla.” He added that the Tesla headquarters is not and should not be considered a remote branch of the company.

Twitter email confirmed

In response to a screenshot from the purported email posted on Twitter, Musk did not deny its authenticity and wrote that anyone who disagrees with the back-to-office policy “should go to work elsewhere.”

In his call, the CEO added that he would be willing to consider requests for remote work in some circumstances, but noted that such requests should be “exceptional”. “If there are particularly good co-workers who are unable to work in person, I will personally review and approve these exceptions,” he wrote. He concluded that personal work 40 hours is “less than what we are asking of workers”.

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Smart work in other “big technology”

The topic of smart work is also crucial in many companies, and other technology companies are also a hot topic. appleFor example, employees were recently notified of a duty to return at least three days a week. A few weeks ago, some Apple employees organized themselves into a group called apple together They called for more flexibility in a letter referring to issues such as mobility, which is defined as a significant waste of time and energy, and even arguing that a strict back-to-office policy risks interfering with employees’ creativity and productivity.

Twitter also reopened its offices last March The staff was asked to return to the office. CEO Parag Agrawal He specified that employees would be able to decide how often they would return to the office, while leaving the option to remain at work entirely smart. The ability to only work from home forever was introduced by Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey in May 2020.

In 2021, CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg The company announced It would have allowed all full-time employees to always work on smart work Until mid-2022 if their work is the type of work that can be done remotely. “I found that working remotely gave me more space to think long term and helped me spend more time with my family – the CEO wrote – which made me happier and more productive at work.”

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