Tesla autopilot under investigation in the US

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the US federal body that sets highway safety rules, has launched a formal safety investigation into Tesla’s autopilot system.. The triggering event was 11 accidents caused by active self-driving cars, which would have particularly affected stationary emergency vehicles, such as ambulances or fire engines. Indeed, such vehicles often have to stop at unusual points on the road, even inside lanes, sometimes risking confusing the Tesla software.

Autopilot safety system

Autopilot, as Tesla itself points out, must be used, while the driver remains vigilant in the event of unforeseen dangers. But in fact, it was not uncommon to find sleeping people also driving their cars. The investigation launched by the NHTSA will have to investigate the prevalence of these behaviors and more clearly define the true limits of the program.

What are the risks of Tesla

Tesla risks being forced to severely restrict its self-driving programs in the United States, driving down revenue. In fact, the autopilot system in its complete form costs about $10,000, which is a huge source of profits.. The worst hypothesis, even if it is unlikely, is that it is completely prohibited. The company sold on Nasdaq on August 16, 2021 4.34% of its stock value.

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