Tesla, a huge storage plant in Australia is burning: a 13-ton battery is to blame

The large Victorian battery in Geelong, 80 kilometers from Melbourne in the state of Victoria, caught fire on Friday 30 July due to a 13-ton lithium battery. The causes of the fire at the second Tesla Big Battery in Australia, operated by the French company Neoen, are unknown

Located in Geelong, 80 km from Melbourne and in the Australian state of Victoria, the Tesla Megapack was burned at the “Big Victorian Battery” – a massive storage facility filled with batteries in Elon Musk’s home – on Friday, July 30, as reported by the local newspaper. cry. The fire was caused by a 13-ton lithium battery, which fortunately was put out before it affected other factories. No injuries were recorded even if the damage was significant. The toxic cloud that rose into the air – which was issued an alarm and affected four nearby towns – slowed the firefighters’ firefighting work.

The site is still under construction

The cause of the fire that struck Big Victorian Batteries, the second Tesla Down Under battery site, is still under construction, after the 2017 fire that was built in Hornsdale, South Australia. When ready in December, it will have a capacity of 450 MWh, thanks to 150 MWh with three MWh and 13 tons each. The plant that was burnt is currently managed by Neoen, a French company active in the field of renewable energy, which has already worked with Tesla on another “Tesla Big Battery”. Both aim to produce 50% of the energy from sources Green color by 2030 in Victoria.

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