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the 5G covered airports It can pose a danger to those who travel Boeing 787. These are vehicles operated by all the major companies in the world: starting this week, those who drive them will have to pay close attention when landing. The official call came from the Federal Aviation Administration, which confirmed the presence of potential interference With some model tools.

This item relates to a total of 1,147 aircraft supplied to airlines around the world, of which 137 are used by American Airlines. “The Federal Aviation Administration has determined that anomalies exist on Boeing 787-8, 787-9, and 787-10 aircraft due to interference with the 5G C-Band,” the document reads. “Anomalies may relate to different systems of the aircraft – he continues – that use radio altimeter data and may not be apparent until the aircraft is at a lower altitude during approach.”

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In practice, interference with 5G means that i Systems critical to landing safety may not function properly. “Thus, it may be impossible to activate the reverse thrust and air brakes – as the US authority makes clear – and the brakes could be the only way to stop the aircraft.” In other words, the real danger is that due to interference, the aircraft can inadvertently land for a long time, and end up off the runway.

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