Terme, after redesigning the spaces, opens the cosmetology area, the fitness room and the rehabilitation centre

After carefully redesigning the spaces, the beauty area, fitness room and rehabilitation center reopen for guests of the Hotel Thermae Santa Agnese and for residents of the Savio Valley with an opening on Thursday 27 April and an open day with rehearsals for new treatments in the field of aesthetics.

An elegant, fully-equipped fitness room is available to clients with state-of-the-art cardio and weight equipment, and is also accessible to external clients with activities organized by qualified professionals to help restore and improve mobility and fitness. Reactivate the global movement is dedicated to all those who do sedentary activities and the elderly.

The Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Center of Terme Santa Agnese has an agreement with the National Health Service, and is equipped with a fully equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool with alkaline and sulfuric water and modern electromedical equipment. It offers personalized rehabilitation programs that, through manual therapy and therapeutic exercises, restore the physiological function of the patient and enhance the results obtained for the body in a state of health and harmony.

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