Tennis, Novak Djokovic’s first public appearance after Australia

The controversy over this issue has not subsided yet Novak Djokovic and cancel it from visa The Aussie that resulted in a number one homecoming. Number one after the referee who was sentenced to skip the first grand slam of the year He made it clear that he wanted to take some time to recover.

Novak Djokovic, first public release after Australia

Meanwhile, he was number one on Monday Serbia to Belgrade. And according to Gazzetta dello Sport, the 20-times Grand Slam champion was seen yesterday In the castle church of Ruzika Kalemegdan in Belgrade, where participated in the post religious. And some pictures were published by the local newspaper “Informer”, which highlighted the astonishment of the attendees to see the number one in the world.

Novak Djokovic, a break from the spotlight

The Serb knows, with youN – A statement issued after the judgment is issued This will no longer speak of what happened in the last few weeks before the end of the tournament. Noel said to himself Embarrassed than getting a lot of attention. Now he’d rather recover and take some time to think about what happened. An event in which, not to mention the Serb, she returned to tennis Australia.

A statement read: “As an Australian tennis family, we understand that recent events have been one A great distraction for everyone We deeply regret the impact This was for all players. Tennis Australia has worked closely with the Federal and State Governments of Victoria over the past year to provide the Australian Open tennis tournament with COVID-19 safe for players, staff and fans. There are always lessons to be learned.”

Novak Djokovic Where will we see him now?

It is not an easy situation for the Serb, who also takes risks Roland Garros. According to French rules, athletes must be vaccinated to participate in any sporting event. To understand whether they will be given exemptions or not. It definitely gets more complicated its location.


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