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Tennis, Australia tinged with blue: Italians in the final in the ATP Cup and the Open Ocean Championships

We are returning. There is no point in whispering or showing off cautiouslyItalian tennis traveling at the speed of light. It does so in the midst of moving from “Fab fuori” (the quadriplegic that has been paralyzed in recent years by injuries tormenting Andy Murray) to the next generation. The Italians want to break into the important positions, climb the ATP hierarchy, and articulate a story that for decades has been tied to the reluctance of Pietrangeli-Panatta and the company. It’s so simple that, over time, someone tried to update it (without complete success) in the ’90s. Without prejudice to the two holy beasts aforementioned (accompanied by the other wingmen with the golden arm, especially in Davis, but they were still polar stars of the action albeit in two different eras), however, Italian tennis has always lacked a team that wiggles wrists. In recent months, the blue wave has risen more and more, systematically bringing 8-10 Italians to the top 100 list, including Sicilian Salvatore Caruso.. A luxury, especially when compared to cows of previous decades. Final dedication in Australia in 2021.

Melbourne is “attached” to the shoe

Confirmations of remaining clues in the past 12-18 months come from Australia: Italy exists and it doesn’t just live on offers … for one driver. Fabio Funini And Matthew Beritine They won the ATP Cup Final by winning the singles against Spain (KO Carino Busta H Bautista Agot). There Russia is waiting for the blue flag bearers. In Melbourne … 2, however, Jannick Senner and Stefano Travalia, finalists at Great Ocean Open Road (ATP 250), took the stage. All in a few minutes. why Melbourne marks the first stage of the renaissance expected in decades.

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