Temporary Employment, Tory (Oil Scola): “The Minister tells us different things from what is stated in the subsidy decree bis.” [VIDEO]

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We do not know the points of the decree. We completely disagree with the decree. The school does not change its pace. We should be able to understand why Minister Bianchi signed an agreement with us in which we want to solve the instability problem, and then instead, the subsidy decree bis states something else. Political mediation was bad. Everything is fresh except for school. “

he said that Pino Tore, Secretary General of Uil Scuola, who spoke during the Orizzonte Scuola TV debate on May 21.

It plays with people’s lives. What is the last minute competition in August can only get in the way of operations for the month of September. Amendments must revise the entire decree. I remember that the problem of 200,000 unstable workers was caused by the state and its inefficiency. We have to respond to these peopleThunders Pino Turi.

If we do not find solutions to open the tables, then there will be a fill. We do not accept the indefinite. Someone has to take responsibility. We, trade unions, want to analyze the text of the subsidy decree bis. You don’t even have to divide people. The precarious school situation was contradictory to each other.Aweil School General Secretary continues.

The Education Charter has a vision. This decree, absolutely not. We lose patience. We must protect real people, both employees and studentsSyndicate continued.

I am very worried. If this was the beginning, there would be no party for others. When it comes to school, everyone holds back. There will be a warm autumn. There are no risky chains “A” and “B”, the minister is telling us about things other than those issued by the decision. Either agreements are respected or we joke aroundPino Toure concludes.

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