Temporary assignment of patients to Feltrey’s group medicine

Despite multiple search attempts, ULSS has not found a physician available to assign a temporary replacement.

Dr Dalla Rosa’s clients will be temporarily assigned to the doctors who are part of the Vallata Feltrina integrated pharmaceutical group. Despite numerous attempts to find a doctor available for a temporary assignment that would welcome Dr Dala Rosa’s ex-patients – clarified a note from Ols Dolomiti – due to Dr Pryor resigning first and Dr Cinta later, both of whom are scholarship winners from study to attend the school of specialization, exceptionally and for the necessary time To determine the most appropriate solution, Dr.Dala Rosa’s clients will be assigned to physicians belonging to the Vallata Feltrina Group Integrated Medicines (Integrated Group Medicine Telephone number 0439 844070).

However – ULSS informs – you can choose between a physician in your area of ​​residence with places reserved. The change of doctor can be done by sending an unauthorized email to the address [email protected] With the following topic “Cessazione dr.ssa DALLA ROSA” indicating the name, surname, place, date of birth, residential address, tax code of the patient and the name of the primary care physician chosen (it is suggested to indicate more than one name and up to a maximum of three – the availability of places can be checked in Actual time by contacting the link A copy of the identity document must be attached to the email.

Patients – Oles concludes – will be notified with a letter from their assigned physician. Feltre County offices, which can be called at 0439 883680, remain available for information.

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