Telly, free TV as long as you watch the ad: First deliveries are coming

They are gone first births affiliate Free Telly TVthe company that decided to give away its 55-inch TV to users who demand it, As long as you watch the ad which is played on the secondary screen of the device.

This is clearly a revolutionary strategy that they have adhered to so far More than 250,000 people In the United States, the only country currently participating in the initiative. Telly expects to distribute about 500,000 free TVs between now and the end of the year, which will number into the millions by 2024.

The design of the device is undoubtedly interesting: under the main 55-inch screen there is a soundbar integrated into the body, which acts as a buffer zone in relation to secondary screenand smaller and thinner, which pass the ads.

Compatibility issue

Telly, the free secondary TV screen
Telly, the free secondary TV screen

In fact, in order to be able to receive a dual-screen TV produced by Telly for free, it is not enough to agree to watch the advertisement being reproduced on the secondary screen, but you must also sign an agreement that includes Continuous profiling by the company.

The system will take care of it User habits analysis In order to reproduce commercials in line with their ultimate needs and preferences, which undoubtedly raises the issue of privacy that does not seem far from what we are exposed to every day.

“We are excited to be able to start distributing what it is today The smartest TV ever made to users,” said Ilya Buzyn, CEO of Telly Update.

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