Telepass, a light electronic toll set is here: This is great news for everyone Savings and simplicity: A turning point for those who travel

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Tolls have always been a major hurdle for drivers: paying and getting around, double the hassle. Then came Telepass: and now, the new exciting development, the lightweight remote toll system. Things?

A news that will really please a large segment of the public citizens, Because it will mark a real turning point in terms of savings and functionality System to Riding, Much more basic And intuitive. that by saying?

As mentioned, we are talking about the new system being defined Light electronic fee. but what is he talking about particularly? To whom does it benefit, how and above all since when?

in the mechanism of continuous evolution systems to premium in remote mode, For a long time, the arrival of Telepass was already deep mail profitable development and optimization for many drivers.

The ability to avoid queue up, Perhaps for a long time, to reach the moment when, moreover, it is necessary to pay a fee, it has served as an arc for a new way of dealing with systems Toll booths pass.

Telepass and electronic toll collection, technological development

With the advent of information technologies, represented by TelepassCitizens were able to install a simple device on their cars which, in communication With me detectors Some toll booths, you can let that go Automatic payments.


This way, not a single moment is lost: no files, no money to recover, but only virtual payments via a bank account or the like. And after Telepass in its general sense, here it is Development.

The European Telepass electronic tolling mechanism for light vehicles is already operating in some countries such as France, Spain and Portugal, and more recently in Croatia as well. Let’s get to know the subtleties.

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Lightweight electronic toll collection, how it works and who needs it

By the end of the year, the electronic toll system is also set to be expanded to heavy vehicles over 3.5 tons, bringing the total fifteen the villages where you pass through Highways using Automatic bars.

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To direct “traffic” in that direction it would be Interoperable Telepass Sat system. So a virtuous transmitted mechanism was born from the agreement between Telepass, the French APRR/AREA and the Spanish Pagatelia Foundation.

Basically, light vehicles will be able to travel with a single boat device for bin four countries. To activate it, just ask blue dots It is located throughout the national highway network If already a customer.

to me new, Instead, you need to Subscription from U.S a contract With Telepass and activating the new service, more precisely, what Authorize access at the European gates. Later, everything can also be done on the Telepass website. The cost should be Six euros of activation And 2.40 additional feeonly in the months you go across borders.

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