Telegraph and Mergaret praise the town

only nethe days In running for Italian Capital of Culture 2026, Lucca has received new international acclaim that, once again, places the city of the walls at the center of media attention, highlighting its beauty and virtues.

The fruits of a meticulous and programmatic promotional work, carried out by the Tourism Department and the competent offices of the Municipality of Lucca at the national and international levels, with particular attention to the sectoral press.

Indeed, the famous British newspaper The Daily Telegraph devoted an in-depth study of Tuscan cities of art, With sweet words about Luca, Which according to destination expert and journalist Tim Gibson “offer the usual beauty Italian – art, architecture and food And Wine – closed Inside, it’s amazing and unique Medieval walls and without annoying Crowds from other Italian cities.”Aside from Florence and Siena, Lucca is the true Tuscan gem”, the article continues: uno Clear An invitation to discover the city from a historical, artistic, food and wine point of view, which is defined as an absolutely unmissable destination for those arriving in Tuscany. More generally in Italy.

Even the prestigious Dutch magazine Margriet devotes ample space to Lucca, with part of the editorial staff staying in town to tell them better. Distinctive beauty and recommended trekking trails in the area. In the study, we read “This is why everyone wants to come hereLucca is said to be a “phenomenon” as a city that has literally blossomed in recent times and is increasingly appreciated internationally. Lucca is known as “beautiful and charming”, highlighting its characteristics as an artistic city surrounded by greenery.

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“Lucca finally has a vision and goals worthy of its beauty,” declares Tourism Consultant Remo Santini. “The candidacy of cultural capital and the growing international interest that we are witnessing is the result of careful planning, with the aim of elevating Lucca as a reference destination for culture, art and sustainability. We are sure that these international fairs will contribute to an increase Tourism trends, which are witnessing a continuous and unstoppable rise of our city.”

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