Tekken 8 announced with teaser trailer, new update for Tekken 7 is coming –

On the occasion of EVO 2022, Bandai Namco has briefly unveiled Trailer teaser A new chapter in the Tekken fighting series, which we will call to rest Tekken 8Although she does not have an official title yet. also Free update For Tekken 7 players.

The movie scene begins with footage from Kazuya Mishima’s finale for the first PS1 Tekken, where his father threw Heihachi off a cliff after winning The King of Iron Fist. After getting his much-needed revenge, the engine changes and the camera turns to Kazuya’s smiling face and the word “Get Ready” appears, indicating that a new game is on the way. So is it Tekken 8? Maybe yes, but Bandai Namco hasn’t indicated an official nickname, so there’s still no absolute certainty. For example, there are also those who suggest that the teaser is actually related to the remake of the first chapter of the series.

At the moment, the Japanese publisher has not announced an indicative release period and reference platforms for the new Tekken, so we just have to wait for more details on this.

Bandai Namco also announced that August 17 Tekken 7 will receive a new free update that includes balance changes and new tactics.

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