Ted Cruz opposes the reintegration of the United States into the Paris climate accords

One of the first steps that Joe Biden took was after a few hours The oath as president The United States resumes the process of reintegrating the United States into the Paris climate agreements, The most important treaty In recent years to combat global warming by greatly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The deal was signed in December 2015 by the previous Obama administration, but outgoing President Donald Trump Has started Exit procedure in November 2019.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz Commented “By joining the Paris climate agreement again, President Biden is showing that he cares more about the viewpoint of the citizens of Paris than he cares about the work of the citizens of Pittsburgh,” he wrote on Twitter. This agreement will do little to affect the climate and harm Americans’ livelihoods.

Cruz’s words echo a phrase from Trump from mid-2017 when he announced his intention US withdrawal Under the climate agreement, he said he was “elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh,” and is a citizen of Pennsylvania, one of the states that was key to winning the 2016 election, “not the Paris election.” In short, he alluded to the fact that an international agreement to reduce harmful emissions would benefit Parisians but not protect Americans.

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Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Beduto He answered immediately Pointing out that 80 percent of citizens voted for her Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, noting that Pittsburgh supported the Paris climate agreement. Beduto commented on Cruz’s new remarks by writing about it Twitter “Are we kidding? We’re doing it all over again…”.

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