“Technique and grace, but also physical well-being: that is what is involved”

All the rage in the ’80s, even among young adults, for a long time Ski It was a sport considered somewhat antiquated, technically very similar to that of snowboarding but perhaps considered less popular.

Today – and we can finally say – he has carved a space of his own within the global sports scene and is returning to Alessandria thanks to a new amateur sports federation. starline Which, starting in May, will allow you to get up close and personal with the new system called “Inline”, a rolling version of figure skating.

“It’s already been practiced abroad for a few years, particularly in the UK, and has arrived in Italy a bit quietly – he explains Barbara Testa, President of the Association – It’s a fair mix between traditional figure skating and figure skating. Inline technical skating, in fact, Combines snow sports technology and agility with the versatility of roller sportsWhich allows you to skate on practically any surface (track, parquet, concrete even on asphalt) all year round. ”

Why choose snowboarding as a sport even if you don’t have competitive goals? The benefits to the body are many, and it is sufficient to wear skates, taking into account the first: all parts of the body are placed in a coordinated movement, even the hands…

Motor activity is enhanced by elegant, rapid movements, but not surprisingly. In roller skating, balance, coordination of movements and flexibility of the main joints of the upper and lower extremities and the spine are stimulated and developed. If you train consistently, you will also get gradual improvements in your respiratory capacity.

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with Uisp

The StarLine Association, affiliated with Uisp, will, starting from Tuesday 3 May, for two months, every Tuesday and Thursday from 17.30 to 19.30, the opportunity to approach discipline, have fun. The appointment will be on the outside track of the Galimberti Meeting Center on Via Pochettini.

“This year Uisp has also integrated figure skating into its activities by structuring a racetrack and technical regulations – adds the coach and technician. Helium Hercules This is how the idea of ​​establishing the association was born, from a humble beginning, with good intentions Develop courses for children, recreational motor activities and to see if we will be able to train among the athletes, we will be able to extrapolate someone to participate in the competition: there are no age limits for the experience. Starting from 5 years and above. Rather, the call for parents is to come and try with their children.”

Starline will provide interested parties, free of charge, with skates to try (#30 to 44), ‘but – concludes Ercol – if someone has a personal skate they’d like to wear, no one’s stopping it. We are going to make a small reverse change to the brakes.”

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