“Technical issues have not been resolved.”

We intervene as the coordinator of the Campania region in the Middle East for the Italian disability movement on the shameful and scandalous matter of the rehabilitation complex of the Australian Rehabilitation Center of ASL in Avellino, a factory that is completely in a state of non-functioning due to many failures of technology and a lack of adequate personnel such as the figure of the lifeguard who does not It is indispensable and necessary to ensure the correct and continuous functioning of oneself at the expense of users who require Hydrokinesitherapy, and of those users who find themselves unjustifiably deprived of the right to health and of the right to treatment and rehabilitation, and of being forced to move to buildings far from the capital and the province.

It is good to mention that the technical failures related to the abnormal and persistent functioning of the rehabilitation system in the Australian Rehabilitation Center started a long time ago, and were not finally resolved either but above all due to evil and unjustified management choices. And certainly due to lack of will or clear administrative and organizational decisions.

We therefore invite and urge through this note the competent, express our closeness and vital and sincere support to the users of the city and their families, and stand ready to support any battle or initiative necessary to recognize the right to health and eventual restoration. .of places or infrastructures competent to provide us and to provide the necessary, clear as well as obligatory answers to the well-represented and exposed problems with respect to those who, like many citizens, still find themselves without due diligence.

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