Techland denies development issues and talks about a premature announcement –

Techland I denied Development problems From Death light 2, Indicating that it was just a Premature announcement With regard to the game state.

The position taken by the Polish studio came in responses to some of the tweets related to the recent announcement of an imminent return to the public scene for Dying Light 2. On one occasion Techland denied that the game ended with a so-called “dev hell” because development continued to progress steadily: “We announced the game pretty soon, but it’s really far from being a Hell.

In another tweet it was confirmed that development was continuing and that Dying Light 2 was not Deleted.

Finally, in the third set, the possibility of the game appearing first is rejected Early access: “No, early access is not good for Dying Light 2, we have worked hard all these years to release a high-quality end product and that remains our goal.

Of course we agree that Dying Light 2 will appear sooner or later, but we honestly believe little in the fact that he had no problems, given the various traumas he was subjected to during processing, first and foremost he fired Chris Avillon for accusation of harassment.

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