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YouTube introduces new version for Pakistan


WEB DESK:  On Tuesday Youtube introduced new version for Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, youtube users. It will bring relevant video for the users.


Goolgeasiapacific blog stated,” Starting today, if you’re in Nepal,Pakistan or Sri Lanka, you’ll see a new YouTube homepage that’s customized in your language and domain. YouTube is already available in Nepali, Sinhalese and Urdu, and now having country-specific homepages means we can bring you the most relevant videos in a YouTube experience tailored for you”.



The top ranked video-sharing website came under high monitoring by the Supreme Court after blasphemous movie was uploaded on it and the company denied to remove it. Since then, YouTube was blocked in Pakistan by PTA.

Nevertheless, Pakistani worked out many ways to get access to the blocked site along with developing other such sites that can be used as alternative to that site.

Earlier, the ban was challenged in the Lahore high court last year when the court asked the relevant officials to approach it with counsels to deal with the matter. However, after number of deliberations, the court came up with the only feasible way was to ask YouTube to introduce a local version.

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