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Uber all set to hit the Karachi roads from August 25


It’s been 6 months since Uber has its services operational in Lahore, and now they are eyeing to expand their services to Karachi as per the schedule.


Head of Pakistan Expansion Zohair Yousafi said: “Thousands of people have already downloaded the app in Karachi in anticipation. We like to say that cities choose us, instead of Uber choosing cities.”

“The response has been incredible in Lahore, so we are extremely excited to be launching in Karachi. Anyone can now enjoy an affordable, reliable and safe ride at the push of a button thanks to uberGO. The competitive price means using uberGO is the perfect option for anyone wanting to get around the city,” Yousafi said.

The next on the map after Karachi, will be Islamabad for Uber services.

What is Uber?

It is a smartphone app which let the customers contact the drivers in the area, by just simply tapping on your phones via this app you can get the taxi at the place you want. Here it should be kept mentioned that drivers provided go through the rigorous training under Uber management and customers safety is one of their top priorities.

Uber’s Diversity


The people who don’t know much about this multinational online taxi provider services should get it in their knowledge that Uber, headquartered in San Francisco has expanded its services in 69 countries, including Pakistan.

Uber’s Rates in Pakistan

Uber has set standard charges for its services, following that pattern the customers have to pay for the ride they get.

  • Base Fare: Rs. 100
  • Minimum Fare: Rs. 150
  • Cancellation: Rs. 150
  • Per Kilometer : Rs. 13.7
  • Per minute charges: Rs. 3.7

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Uber Cars in Pakistan:

According to the initial updates, Uber will be providing these cars:

  • Suzuki Swift
  • Toyota Vitz
  • Toyota Corollas
  • Honda Civics

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