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Scientists explore brain activities during ‘sex addiction’


Scientists, in an investigate into the brain activity in first ever study of its type, found notable smilarity with drug addicts.


Controversies about people’s addiction to sexual behaviors by watching porn, closer to disclose as University of Cambridge researchers performed brain scans on 19 men watching pornographic videos. Interestingly, they found that the same area of the brain got ignited as when an addict see his favorite drug.

A team of researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging to monitor the variations in the brain activity during watching pornographic videos.


The results, published in the journal PLoS One, depicts higher level of brain activity in the three parts of the brain: the ventral striatum, dorsal anterior cingulate and the amygdala. All these areas become excited in addicts when they see their favorite drug.

Dr Valerie Voon, from the University of Cambridge, told a British TV channel, “This is the first study to look at people suffering from these disorders and look at their brain activity, but I don’t think we understand enough right now to say it is clearly an addiction.”

She added that it is difficult to tell the impact leading to develop these behaviors or if it is an effect of the pornography itself only.

According to her, there was insufficient evidence to say anything about the impact of teenagers watching porn on the internet.

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