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SBP launches Official App to check the ‘forgery’ in currency notes


The State Bank of Pakistan has finally developed and launched an App for Android devices to detect ‘fake’ currency notes.


The official application has been developed by the bank to increase awareness related to security features of Pakistani currency notes. It will help the users to identify and check the security features of Pakistani Banknotes and ward off any risk of accepting bogus currency.

The development comes after SBP’s having received a bunch of complaints from the public who unwittingly got duped into accepting fake notes. The bank, however, had promised addressing the complaints to launch a system, which is feasible for everyone to curb the fraud of fake notes.


You can simply chose any Pakistan’s currency note from your wallet and find out the security features of these notes.

The App also features having included the information about Pakistani Banknotes in both Urdu as well as in English.

It can be used on iSO devices and Android. You can download the App for iSO by clicking this link, while if you have Android, you can have it from this link.

As for the working of the App, it offers two ways to identify the authentic of the Pakistani currency notes. Firstly, it provides you the image of a genuine note with UV mode. Secondly, it gives you a peek of marks to find out for.

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