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Samsung Galaxy S7 release date and image leaked


The samung Galaxy S7 release date and live images of the handset in its making have hit the internet.


Known tipster Evan Blass, gave away the release date of Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, according to the tweet, company is aiming to release set the in US on 11 March.

Two Live images of the set also popped up by (gsmarena) on the internet. Images showing the front-face camera module and handset in its making stage.

According to reports, phone will have 5.1-inch QHD display, 12 Mega Pixel back and 5 Mega Pixel Front camera, 4gb Ram and Exynos 8890 chipset.

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Another internet source, (Phonearena) has revealed that Samsung employee has passed information about the Samsung Galaxy S7. According the employee, the set will be dust and water proof. The set will be available in Black, Gold, Sliver and White colours.

Website added, “According to the Samsung employee, all variants of the Galaxy S7 will use a black chassis for a premium look. Samsung will market the phone’s ability to take great pictures at night. With the rumored 12MP camera coming with an aperture of f/1.7, the manufacture will use some sort of slogan like “On the night,” whatever that means. The reason for the 12MP camera (down from 16MP on the Galaxy S6) is that Samsung is not focusing on MP count and is looking at sensor size and capacity instead. The camera will employ a dual pixel auto focus similar to what Canon uses on its DSLR  cameras. It reduces noise and makes colors more vibrant. And guess what, the camera hump is gone on the new model”.

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