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Poocho.pk vows to become Pakistani Quora


Poocho.pk is Pakistan’s largest and oldest Question-and-answer website which vows to become Pakistani Quora in near future. That might be a daunting task to do so, but makers of this platform have specially organized a proficient team based on technical, field specialist and most importantly the people who are well aware of the ground realities within Pakistan.


The makers of this site regard this site as need of an hour and a must-watch for every Pakistani. The plan of launching such a platform was not only to rake moolah, it was intended to help the Pakistani people who are up with many question but doesn’t have any place to get the right answers, told the maker of Pakistan’s largest Q & A site.


There are few of the Q & A sites working dedicatedly for Pakistani users but still they not have the same charm like other globally acknowledged platforms like Quora and Yahoo Answers.

Poocho.pk, the torchbearer of Q & A sites in Pakistan tries to give out some real answers by digging into the reality. For instance:

A Question was asked: What is scope of BS applied chemical and chemistry technology?

Compact answers were available regarding the asked question while keeping the Pakistani scenario in view : www.Poocho.pk


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