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Nokia C1 Android phone Leaked Pics & Specifications


Although Nokia has not been regarded as a leading brand in the race of smartphone, now, it has taken initiative to get its recognition in this race.


Earlier this summer, Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri informed that the Finnish company would certainly look to make a return by deliberating and licensing handsets to the mobile market after its agreement with Microsoft to not use the Nokia name on smartphone ended.

Facing halt from branding nay smartphones as Nokias until the end of 2015, the big name in mobile phones is now carrying its plans for 2016 and farther, which, according to Nokia, would not come in conflict with Microsoft’s mobile workings.

As far the new Nokia C1 is concerned, it is powered by an Intel Atom processor inside making it run on Android Marshmallow. Its reportedly 5-inch size and 1080p resolution are both considered as conventional, and it does not come with any fancy bells and whistles like a fingerprint sensor or any type of special camera functioning.



The new Nokia device features with Android OS, v5.0 (Lollipop), 32 GB internal memory with 2GB RAM, autofocus with 8 MP rear camera, and LED Flash.

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