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A mobile phone has been developed to use in sunlight directly


Using a gadget in sunlight was one of the most difficult job to do but scientists have now developed a screen which will not probe to eye in sunlight.


Displays on smartphones and tablets appeal to the eye when opening the box but if they are taken outside in the direct sunlight, they become almost useless. As glass screens just reflect sun light making it difficult to text or call.

Some companies tried to solve the problem with placing anti-glare filters or films where as some mobile makers paste special coatings on screens but these solutions do not work completely.


Lab boffins at the Institute of Photonic Sciences in collaboration with Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning, have introduced a more reliable and innovative idea using a special glass that will reduce glare and reflection.

For the solution, the scientists abraded a glass exterior so it could disperse light and deflect glare without affecting its transparency. Nano-sized ‘teeth’ were then imprinted into the facade to make it anti-reflective.

In addition, the touch of the display also resist water by mimicking similar traits of a lotus leaf. The process is believed to be inexpensive to manufacture.

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