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Microsoft’s new launch ‘How-Old.net’ tells your age while seeing your photos


Somehow, its a bad news for the female users as they didn’t want anyone to know about their real age. But this tremendous effort laid by Microsoft will be prove as fun for dudes.


Microsoft introduced this site on April 30, at Microsoft’s Build developer conference.

Although, How-Old.net would be not at its best as it is just introduced, but knowing the abilities of Microsoft, they will take it higher.

The site uses facial recognition and intelligent guesses by its makers to guess the ages. This site also apologises for not having the high accuracy rate, but vows to get improve in its feature.

I experience the site, remembering this that it would be a long way for Microsoft to reach at its best features


I would like to share my experiences with you, what How-Old.net guess about the celebrities age is as follows:

Lionel Messi, Footballer from Argentina, one of the best we have in International Football. In real he ages 27 years. The photo I uploaded in accordance to it Messi ages 33, according to the How-Old.net.


Xabi Alonso, Footballer from Spain ages 33 in real life, however according to How-Old.net he ages 42.


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