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List of Best Jobs in USA 2017 Revealed


For those who are looking for a bright future in the United States are advised to get their self prepared for technology field. The Glassdoor’s new list of ‘50 Best Jobs in America ‘has claimed that the demand for skills relating science, technology, engineering and math will increase in upcoming years.


Glassdoor has named it the STEM skills that stand for science, technology, engineering, and math. The good news is that the giant shopping retailer Amazon has announced that in only America it will hire almost 100,000 professionals and fresh over the next eighteen months.


According to the list of Glassdoor 50 Best Jobs in America, leading jobs are relating to the technology field. The demand for data engineer, development, data operators, analytics manager, database administrator, interface designer, software engineer, and solutions architect will remain high as compared to the other fields in the list.

Commenting on the new list, economists said, “This shows how tech positions are becoming more specialized.”

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