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Konbola App to help you send instant emergency message


Technology has provided many facilities to the users and here we have an App named ‘Konbola’ to help the beholder, who is seeking help under any trouble as it will allow to send out an SMS having current location (with mobile location and GPS settings enabled).


Now, if you have installed Konbola App on your Android and have come under a serious issue and have no one of your benefactors around you, you just need to send an SMS to anyone you want to call for help. The only thing you have to do is pressing the power button 4 times on a selected contact. Your emergency contact can be configured and you can manually added it from your phone address book.


You can add the contacts by using two ways. Firstly, you can add manually. Secondly, you can choose from your contact address book. The chosen will be shown in your contact list and would be reached when in any crisis or emergency. The app is always signed in unless you log it out by yourself.

Now, if you have fear that you may come under an unexpected situation, this App is for you and would be quite handy under any such crisis.

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