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Know yourself through your own Words


Your words describe your personality Explaining our personality, Five introduced a tool to judge what we are on Tuesday. The tool will derive our facade by analyzing our language in which we write to five characteristics : openness, extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.
Quotient will compared to famous people as well as your Facebook friends telling web companies your trends, to you, your resemblance with famous people. Based on the initial responses to the site on Twitter,” people seem to identify pretty strongly with the personalities we generate,” said Nikita Bier, the co-founder of Five, which is working on a product for online conversations that will use similar technology. “Only about 10 per cent said we were outright wrong about them.” The tool may provoke identical results for more people as they feel for the horoscopes publish in newspapers generally. The variety of our written words may be define the personality we possess. We have gone through a significant amount of research into the relationship, said H. Andrew Schwartz, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania and an adviser to Five. Mr. Bier said they were not focusing on precision but awareness to user how they were treated by social media companies for advertising. “The predictive qualities of the five types are good for advertising,” he said. “People who are more open to go to coffee shops, and have interesting apartments. You might want to give them an ad for Ikea. Neurotic people worry about their health, so you might pitch them vitamins.” Whereas, sounds will emerge like I am, it seems, about 30 per cent more likely the venture capitalist Marc Andreessen than I am like my wife. Or I am more likely to similar to 3 of my Facebook friends.
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