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ITU researchers have developed solar-powered phone network


Information Technology University (ITU) Lahore has produced such researchers, which collaborated with a team from the University of California and have succeeded in developing a prototype ‘Rescue Base Station’ (RBS) for Pakistan – the country’s first every emergency telecom system to work on normal mobile phone devices.


“When the RBS is installed in a disaster-struck area, people automatically start receiving its signals on their mobile phones. They can manually choose it and then call, send messages and even browse (internet) data free of charge,” claimed ITU vice-chancellor and an adviser to the project Umar Saif.


The RBS is a lightweight, compact rectangular box attached with an antenna, a battery and a signal amplifier that is portable and can be carried easily and even dropped from helicopters in such areas where transport system gets disturbed due to disaster. It possesses a solar panel to charge the battery in order to keep it working in areas where electric power is not available.

The ITU vice-chancellor said that the RBS signal can be caught within a 3 km radius, and people in the zone can easily get registered by sending their name, occupation, age, and blood group to a special number.

“This helps generate an automatic database of people in distress, and eventually helps both the rescue and relief teams and the victims,” he said.

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