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Intel acquires Ascending Technologies to fly Drones


World’s leading chipmaker is working out to fly in the air with its newest idea as it doesn’t want to be left behind after witnessing itself trailing behind in the race of smartphone chipset making.


To gain a high place in the drone market, the giant in the chip making is looking for having a German drone company after the name of Ascending Technologies. Intel will make itself potent after acquiring the Ascending Technologies to satisfy number of users and markets with its mass production in drones.

A press release from the company reads:

“With practical applications ranging from disaster response, to infrastructure inspection, to delivery of goods, UAVs offer an incredible opportunity for innovation across a multitude of industries. As a result, Intel is positioning itself at the forefront of this opportunity to increasingly integrate the computing, communications, sensor and cloud technology required to make drones smarter and more connected.”


As stated Intel, Ascending Technologies attributes the state-of-the art drone auto-pilot software and algorithms. With the assistance of German company’s ace in mass manufacturing drones, the chipmaker company is likely to use its RealSense technologies to dictate real-time depth-sensing potential. With the combination of both these technologies, and accomplished produce will come with marvellous build quality with the capability to withstand a sufficient volume of wear and tear.

Regarding the initiative, the company’s CEO Brian Krzanich will be briefing a demonstrational and informational speech on the occasion of CES 2016. He will highlight the potential of these aerial machines and in the process, Intel will go alongside with Qualcomm’s aerial products as well.

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