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How to Block Stolen or Lost Mobile Sets in Pakistan?


With the advancement in technology and technical gadgets, the cases of thefts are also increasing day by day. Mobile snatching and mobile thefts are those activities that normally happens on the roads and streets of Pakistan.


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has a full-fledged system of blocking lost or stolen mobile sets. Taking advantage of this service of PTA, one can curb mobile phone snatching and theft crime and can surely provide the relief to the other mobile users as well.

There are multiple ways of getting your stolen mobile sets blocked.  Below we are mentioning all the methods one by one.

PTCL Complaint Helpline:

To use this service first, you need to have IMEI number of your mobile. If you don’t know the IMEI number of your handset then simply dial *#06# to inquire the IMEI number of your mobile. After getting the IMEI umber simply call at the helpline number of PTA 0800-25625 to register the theft case.

CPLC Online Facility


The users can also avail the online complaint facility of Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) to register the request for blocking the phone. Access the online service from here http://www.cplc.org.pk.


You can also call CPLC at 15, 021-05662222 or 021-35682222 to register the request for blocking the stolen phone. Here you are required to provide the same detail.


You can fax the complaint of stolen phone to CPLC at 021-35683336 as well.


Email is the other option to get mobile phone blocked. Just email the complaint to PTA at [email protected].


Before making the complaint about blocking handset, the users need to card about the following things:

  • The mobile phone connection must be in his/her own name
  • Provide IMEI number along with SIM number
  • Provide ID card number, address and contact number

One the mobile will be blocked by PTA or CPLC, it cannot be reused again.

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