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Google’s new Pixel XL Images Leaked


San Fransisco: There have been many details about other manufacturers coming top models in recent months, but there has been remarkably quiet about Google’s next Pixel phone. Now however brings Android Police no small treat.


The site has in fact got hold of a photo that allegedly show the new Pixel XL phone, and a bunch more information on mobile. The image was posted on Twitter recently and, according to Android Police originate from sources that are “extremely” credible.

The phone being imaged is not unlike the first Pixel XL model, but one significant design point upgrade is that the frames are narrower than the last, which gives it a more modern look not unlike the Samsung Galaxy S8 .

Finger Sensor moved down

Otherwise is the fingerprint reader is now under the Glass lined section at the back of the mobile. On the existing XL model reader placed inside this glass surface. Whether this is an improvement will be up any to decide.

The screen will have grown from 5.5 inches to a six inch AMOLED aspect ratio is 2: 1. Beyond this, there is not yet so many technical details, but one piece is worth noting. Android Police will in fact sit on information indicating that the new Pixel XL phone gets pressure sensitive limits on the sides similar to HTC U11 boasting.

This functionality allegedly primarily used for interaction with Google Assistant service, but beyond this it is unclear what one can use it.

There is no information on price and launch date for the new Google phone. According to Android Police, new Pixel XL manufactured by LG, which also previously been suggested by, among others 9to5google . As with the existing, HTC-manufactured Pixel phones will probably, however, be marketed as a “pure” Google phone.

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