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Google’s ‘Marshmallow’ to enable users to enjoy Urdu feature


The latest version of Google’s smartphone operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow features Urdu language support, is what a landmark breakthrough for Pakistan’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.


The said new version has appeared along with big improvements and some new attributes along with support for Urdu as well as Gujrati language. This is the first version, allowing Android smartphone users to enjoy using their devices in none other than Urdu language.


“With Android supporting Urdu, the internet is going to the bottom of the pyramid to the people who read and write and understand only in Urdu,” Google’s former country representative in Pakistan, Badar Khushnood said.

Further he said that it was a milestone breakthrough from socio-economic point of view as a wide range of Pakistan’s population is more flexible and easy with their own language, the Urdu.

The latest improvement will enable people in Pakistan to connect more people who can only communicate in Urdu. In its outcome, spur progress of local content and the demand for Urdu transcription and other content readily available in local languages.

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