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Google’s 17th birthday: A small dedication to the ‘Tech-Giant’


Felicitations to a company who is as enthusiastic and dynamic as a teenager in its 17. The ‘tech giant’ celebrates its 17th birthday.


But here it went something wrong?

Long speeches/debates were just on the topic, when was Google commenced, as first its birthday was celebrated on other date and now it’s some other date. Many of the leading sites wasted their energy, on just telling the confusion or complications over Google’s birthday celebrations.

But I’m not here to clarify anything, nor  I am‘devil’s advocate’. I went astounded, when I searched about Google’s birthday and there was not something I was waiting for. I thought many of the sites will be congratulating the company on its achievements but this was a dream which just popped in my eyes.

In short and simple way, if there would be no Google, the technology wouldn’t be the same as it is today. It’s not just a No. 1 search engine to me, it’s a complete lifestyle for me, it is someone who finds sense in my those broken sentences in which even I couldn’t find any meaning. When talking with friends and our conservation left without agreeing on a point, a voice which bring backs smiles on the face is: “Bhae ! tu sb chor, Google kr lay”(Brother leave everything, just search it on Google).


Google has produced dozens of products which are successfully making our lives more comfortable. To name them and laud each and every will consume much of the time.

I am writing this, as I deliberately want lauds and appreciation for the two young students Larry Page and Seregy Brin, who were Ph.D students at Stanford University back in 1995 when they began Google as a research project. But after a struggle they made it something more than ‘World’s No.1 Search engine.’

I would say this is something, which is necessary for every home.

Here is something to dedicate in return of your devotion to change the world:

1 thing more if you don’t get its meaning then please don’t hesitate to use Google Translator. Google’s everywhere!


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