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Google will make a huge bet against Apple’s iPhone 6 strategies on 15th September


Google began on Monday sending out press invites to the launching occasion in India for Android One, its new super-cheap smartphone.


Google is expecting to expound a strong smartphone experience as cheap as $100.

Google’s planning is to work with smartphone builders in emerging markets and to provide them with up-to-date versions of its free Android software so they can make exceptional phones at cheap prices. It’s the polar contrary strategy of Apple’s, which has the company gearing up for the release of the iPhone 6, expected to cost $700.

The marketplace for low smartphones is burgeoning. In the West, smartphones are omnipresent, but in the developing world, most people don’t have them.


It is not just Google moving in on the emerging market for budget smartphones. Mozilla is introducing a $33 phone in India. Microsoft has pushed down the price of its Windows phone. Xiaomi and Motorola have been launching smartphones in India, too, including the Redmi 1S and Moto E costing Rs 6,999 ($115) and Rs 5,999 ($99) respectively. 9 to 5 Google noted that Google had already partnered with manufactures Karbonn, Micromax, and Spice for the first Android One devices. Karbonn is the manufacturer that made the A50S, the smartphone priced at only $43.

The bet here seems to be that in the future, it will feel odd to pay large sums of money for a phone. Commonly, the history of computing shows that prices drop over time even as devices become ever more powerful. Eventually, Google and its Android manufactures seem to be hoping, people will face a choice: $700 for an iPhone or |$100 for an Android that does the same thing.

Some people think that Android phones compete only with other Android phones and that Apple functions like a separate market. In that scenario, Apple is happy to exist as a minority brand as long as the minority it serves remains exceedingly beneficial.

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