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Google Play Movies service gets HDR support


HDR technology has been the big talking ice on the TV front, and as a result also more of the content providers lunged at HDR train. Now follow Google for its movie service, reported among others TechCrunch .


Google Play Movies service has in fact been added to HDR support, one can read on Google’s own support pages . Support is available on select 4K movies purchased from the service, and only through pouring stick Chromecast Ultra thus far.

Not in Pakistan yet

HDR support given in the information heading to the movies.
HDR support given in the information heading to the movies. Photo: Screen shot
Currently, HDR support only available in the US and Canada, and is not mentioned in the Norwegian version of the Google Play support page for movie service . The support will probably probably be expanded to new markets in due course, so it’s just to keep up with developments in Norway.


More and more flow services supports HDR technology. The competitor Netflix got in place HDR streaming in April last year , and a little later the same year also received the Google-owned video service YouTube support for the technology . Also mobiles are starting to be rewarded, but yet in some limited scope .

HDR stands for high dynamic range , and gives us in practice an image with much better color, brightness and contrast.

The technology has a lot to say for image quality and duly applauded, also of us here at work . In addition to that, one must have compatible playback devices must also have TV that supports HDR, but these are now in the process of being relatively abundant.

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