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Google launched ad-free net experiment


Google has just unveiled a project that comes with option for the users to pay visit sites without be teased by adverts.


Dubbed Contributor, users can pay a monthly fee of ranging $1 to $3 for ad-free sits.

When those who have paid their subscriptions visit a partaking site they will see pixelated prototypes swapping the adverts.

It has so far signed up a few websites, including ScienceDaily and Urban Dictionary, to check the system. Others in the current trial comprise WikiHow, Mashable and Imgur.

Access to the service is presently by invitation only and engrossed websites can sign up to be on the waiting list. Contributor describes itself as ‘an experiment in additional ways to fund the web’.


“Today’s internet is mostly funded by advertising. But what if there were a way to directly support the people who create the sites you visit each day?” it asks.

A scrap of the money goes to Google and a part to the website. Users log into the service via their Google account – which will prompt the ad-free version of sites. Howard Kingston, co-founder of Adludio, a firm which replaces ads with interactive games, thinks existing online advertising needs a rebrand.

“Advertising, especially online has become a bugbear for many people, but there are new models such as this one, that could change the publisher landscape and how people browse content online,” he said.

Some websites are already experimenting with paywalls, together with the Wall Street Journal and The Times but those sites still appear with advertising.

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