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Google introduces WiFi router for home use


Google, in its latest move, launched a WiFi router on Tuesday to get ready for the connected home and convince more users to its services.


OnHub, the cylinder-shaped router, can be pre-ordered against $199.99 at online stores that include Amazon.com, Walmart.com and Google Store.

The router features built-in antennas having capability to scan the airwaves to spot the quickest connection. This router will enable the users to prioritize a device to get the fastest Internet speeds for data-heavy activities such as downloading content and live video streaming.

Users can also hook up the router with Google’s On app, available on Android as well as iOS, in order to run network checks and keep track of bandwidth usage among other things.


According to Big G, OnHub automatically updates with new features and the modern security upgrades, similar to company’s Android OS and Chrome browser.

The development in Google’s products comes days after Google re-framed itself by developing Alphabet Inc, a holding company to pool its several subsidiaries and separate the core web advertising business from latest projects like drive-less cars. Working on smart home products is a similar project.

Last year, the Big G bought Nest, a smart thermostat maker, against $3.2 billion, targeting to lead the way on how household gadgets connect to each other and to power houses.

Meanwhile, the company has also been working to offer quicker Internet with its Google Fiber service within some US cities.

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